Crazy Making

When I first started down the IUI path, I decided to go unmedicated because I’m trying to avoid twins if possible. So, during IUI#1, I only had the hcg trigger. I was pretty complainy about having to feel pregnant when I’m not. That cycle I started spotting at 9dpo and AF arrived in full force on 11dpo.  So, for IUI#2, I got put on progesterone for luteal phase support, which made me really tired, and then gave me terrible mood swings a few days before my period showed up. During cycle number 2, it turns out I had two mature follicles, unmedicated. That increased my comfort level with medication, since while multiples are more probable on meds, the most probable number is still zero.  So, this cycle, at my doctor’s urging, I said yes to letrozole (Femara) on cycle day 3-7.

The letrozole had a side effect of making me anxious, which morphed into extreme sleepiness after a few days. I was happy when that wore off.  However, when I went in for the scan when I got my positive OPK, my lining looked on the thin side, so the doctor put me on estrace – a blue pill inserted vaginally. (For what it’s worth, my lining increased from 6.5 to 8.5 overnight). Then progesterone again the day after the IUI. 

I just gotta say that all these hormones have made me batshit insane.  I.Just.Can’t.Deal. Fortunately I work from home, so I only need to inflict myself on my family for the most part.  Every email I write to a client I triple check because I truly can’t tell whether I’m being bitchy or inappropriate. My son’s normal little temper tantrums feel to me like the end of the world. I was devastated when the pipe to the dishwasher started leaking because DH had been mucking around back there. DH fixed it by cleaning out a filter, and while I thanked him, I also told him I’d break his arm if he mucked with it further because. Definitely not okay, and would have been caught by my internal bitch filter under regular circumstances.

If IUI drugs mess me up so bad, I’m concerned I’ll need to be put in a padded room for IVF drugs.


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