Whither the blog

So I went in yesterday for my first ultrasound. Thankfully, the little heart was beating away at 116 bpm and the fetus (embryo?) was measuring spot on at 6w4d. I had been having some spotting since the weekend, so this was a huge relief. 

I’ve also been feeling rather lousy these last few weeks, as my flu morphed into all-day nausea. I know this is a good sign, so I’ve been trying to take it all with a smile.

When I started this blog, I thought it would chronicle my IVF journey. Now it looks like there’s a pretty good chance (maybe 90%?) that I’m actually going to stay pregnant and have a baby in October. I am beyond grateful to have this chance, but I’m not sure right now what to do with this space. I could use it to tell more of the story of DH’s cancer journey, or it could be another anxious pregnancy blog detailing the hurdles of getting through a pregnancy after loss and infertility.

I haven’t received any comments on this blog, but if there’s anyone out there reading who wants to hear more about any part of this journey, just give a shout.

2 thoughts on “Whither the blog

  1. I didn’t start blogging until after we had a rainbow at home, so I was truly blogging for me and not for any particular audience. Write about what YOU want to write about. Some may leave, but new people may find you, too.

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