My TTC Resume

May 2009 –  BFP first try!

July 2009 – Something is horribly wrong at the NT Scan. Turns out to be a rare, fatal, chromosomal abnormality.  We ask for more tests.

August 2009 – Baby’s heart stops on its own at 16 weeks, although I was planning to terminate.  I have a D&E.

August 2009-January 2010 – Grieve and TTC

Feb 2010 – BFP!!

October 2010 – DS is born.  My uterus ruptures during labor and I end up in the ICU.  It is the suck, but I recover and my baby is healthy.

February 2012 – DH is diagnosed with lymphoma and makes a deposit at a sperm bank.  We get seven 1mL vials frozen.

October 2012 – After 8 rounds of chemo and 18 doses of radiation, DH is cancer-free.

June 2013 – We find out that DH has no sperm

Sept 2013 – We start with RE. My FSH is 7.5, AMH is 1.2 and antral follicle count is about 12, with only two on the left side.  Okay but not great.

October 2013 -Unmedicated IUI#1 – BFN

November 2013 – I get sick and tree falls on neighbor’s car the day of my OPK+. Decide to skip cycle.

December 2013 – Unmedicated IUI#2 – BFN

January 2014 – IUI#3, now with letrozole – BFP!!

C-section scheduled for Sept 25 at 37 1/2 weeks.

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